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7 Ways to Prep Your Skin for Summer

7 Ways to Prep  Your Skin for Summer

Summer sun brings beach days, barbecue aromas, and stronger sun rays back for another sensory season. Summer also means that your skin is exposed to more-more environmental aggressors, more daylight, and more time for UV rays to infiltrate the skin’s barrier. So, taking care of your dermis should be a high priority. We’ve put together some tips and tricks to prep your skin – and keep it in the best shape – for summer…



Warmer temperatures encourage sebum production and sweat, which in the end, clog up your pores. As dirt and dead skin cells stay trapped on the surface of your skin, your skin may begin feeling oilier and heavier. So, it’s imperative that you start to implement a morning and evening face cleansing routine in the lead-up to warmer climates. One of the best ways to achieve this is to clean your face with a cleanser that isn’t too harsh on the skin.


The idea that moisturiser makes your skin oily in summer is somewhat of a myth. If you choose a light moisturiser that is right for your skin type and won’t clog up your pores, you will be able to protect your skin from drying out. No matter the season, your skin requires its natural oils, and the right moisturiser should deliver this without causing breakouts. Moisturise all over the face and décolletage and remember to use lip balm too.

For any time that you do experience breakouts in summer, try Luna Microcare’s FLAWLESS: SPOT-CLARIFYING PATCH KIT. It’s an innovative solution for acne-prone skin with an active complex of scientifically proven ingredients delivered via self-dissolving micro-cones. It works from the inside-out to fight spots leaving the skin clear, smooth, and hydrated.

Each patch kit also contains 16 cleanser swabs soaked in exfoliating and de-stressing ingredients – such as Salicylic Acid, Vitamin E, and Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil– to prime the acne-prone area prior to application. This powerful combination of ingredients helps to reduce redness, retain moisture, improve the skin’s barrier, and boost clarity.



Face scrubs needn’t be so frequently used in summer – once every couple of weeks will do the trick. In the lead-up to summer, start exfoliating with a good scrub every couple of weeks to slough off dead skin cells. In between, you can use hydrating face masks and try to choose products with natural ingredients for gentler and more effective exfoliation.


Something you should be doing all year round is using sunscreen on your face. In the lead-up to summer, a good way to keep your skin healthy is to switch out your skincare to include products with sufficient SPF. Using broad-spectrum skin protection daily and staying out of the sun’s glare at peak hours will help minimise sunspots and wrinkles, which can also reduce the likelihood of skin cancer.



It goes without saying that a good pair of shades and a hat would provide further protection against intense sun rays. Plus, investing in a natural aloe vera plant means that you’ll have constant access to natural aloe – a sunburn relief with no chemicals that also makes your skin look and feel great.


This is a tip that makes it onto every skincare list no matter the season. It is important, in summer more than ever, that you stay hydrated from the inside out. Drinking the recommended daily water intake will help to regulate your boy’s temperature and keep all your organs – including the skin – working at optimum levels. You’ll be more alert, and your skin will stay naturally glowing. Remember, you can also increase your water intake by choosing to eat fruits that have a high water content as well as adding blended drinks like smoothies to your daily diet. Begin to adapt your diet to include more hydration as we lead into summer.


Less makeup is a go-to for summer, especially if you want to protect and enhance your skin tone. A little tinted foundation or CC cream can work wonders for a natural glow and healthy complexion in summer. If you find that it’s challenging to manage your skin tone in the summer, choose Luna MicroCare’s LUMINOUS : MICRO-TARGETING PIGMENT CORRECTOR FOR HYPERPIGMENTATION AND UNEVEN SKIN TONE. This advanced solution where self-dissolving micro-cones deliver the exclusive complex of brightening ingredients directly into the skin via micro-channels targets pigmentation.

Luminous improves skin brightness, texture, and evenness. With resveratrol, tranexamic acid, and Vitamin C among the reputed brightening ingredients, you’ll achieve clinically proven results where the skin is deeply hydrated, conditioned, and renewed for an even, vibrant, glowing complexion. Best of all, the patches target your areas of concern within two hours of being applied.


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