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Skincare to Buy for Mother's Day

Skincare to Buy for Mother's Day
Around the world, March and May are months that mark Mother’s Day for different countries – but the importance of making mums feel extra special is just the same regardless of which calendar you follow.

Health-forward skincare for mums is essential. More than just part of a luxury routine, good skincare gives mums a chance to feel rejuvenated and their best. Giving back to mum with the perfect skincare products is just one way to make this Mother’s Day even more delightful.

Whether your mama is looking to add some brightness to her skincare or is actively managing ageing skin, we have something for every complexion and skincare need. This Mother’s Day, add a little science and clinically proven, results-driven love to your mum’s skincare gift. Here are three award-winning skincare products by Luna MicroCare that would make for the ideal present…


As we age, the skin matures, and this is a very natural process. However, skin can also become more fragile and delicate in certain areas, such as under the eye. Therefore, finding a gentler product that works incredibly efficiently is the goal of ageing skin. To combat this, we’ve created LUNA MICROCARE® ETERNAL , a non-invasive anti-ageing treatment that visibly rejuvenates the appearance of under-eye skin.

The easy-to-apply patches perform truly remarkable results from their very first application. One of the star ingredients here is the powerful barrier-strengthening hyaluronic acid, which also provides hydration for the skin. The product's precision technology allows the ingredients to hit their target area in just two hours.

Supported by 13 patents, each corrective patch contains hundreds of painless micro-cones consisting of potent anti-ageing ingredients directly working on the epidermis, where they dissolve to reveal a more youthful complexion.


Whether it’s the effects of blue light or poor skin health, if you want to gift mum a way to eliminate hyperpigmentation more effectively, then LUNA MICROCARE® LUMINOUS is the best choice. This product is packed with complexion-reviving and radiance-restoring ingredients to counterbalance hyperpigmentation to leave skin more even and illuminated from within.

A powerful combination of brightening ingredients includes Niacinamide, which blocks melanin enzymes, levels out pigmentation, and helps achieve clearer skin tone. Then there’s Vitamin C, an antioxidant with tons of benefits. Well-known for brightening and helping to fight hyperpigmentation, Vitamin C also stimulates collagen production and defends the skin against environmental aggressors.


LUNA MICROCARE® LUMINOUS is a ground-breaking solution for hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone. Self-dissolving micro-cones deliver the exclusive complex of brightening ingredients directly into the skin via micro-channels to improve skin brightness, texture, and evenness. All are helping to reveal beautifully radiant, hydrated skin.

Best for: Expression lines and wrinkles

There are so many environmental factors that contribute to developing wrinkles and expression lines on your face. The very first is the sun. Exposure to the sun can age your skin - the process is called photoaging. The sun’s solar radiation negatively affects collagen and elastin fibres in your skin, causing it to sag and wrinkles to appear. Not moisturising regularly, work and life stress, lack of sleep, and many other factors can all lead to causing damage to the skin. If this is mum’s skincare concern, look no further than LUNA MICROCARE® RÉVIVE. Wrinkles are creases, folds, and ridges on your skin that appear over time due to a combination of the above aggressors. And though expression lines could also be caused by the same factors, they are, in most cases, formed around the lips and mouth. They are, quite simply, the result of repetitive facial expressions over the years, which reduce skin elasticity.


LUNA MICROCARE® REVIVE is all about collagen-boosting, skin-energising, and anti-ageing ingredients that work in tandem to restore smooth, revitalised skin. A non-invasive anti-ageing treatment that visibly renews the appearance of the skin, with easily applied patches that perform truly remarkable results from their very first application.

One of the highly-effective anti-ageing ingredients includes Duo of Seaweed Extract, known for its marine magic with de-puffing, dark circle-destroying, and youthful-restoring properties.

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