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4 Steps to Weekend Skincare 🧖‍♀️

4 Steps to Weekend Skincare 🧖‍♀️

If your Saturday or Sunday is reserved for self-care, you’ll most likely have a skincare element to your routine. Not only is this a great pick-me-up for your mental health and well-being, but good self-care also (which includes skincare), can relieve stress and anxiety, especially if you pair this with slowing down and taking a mini break from your digital devices too.

Indulging in good self-care doesn’t mean you have to set up a luxury spa at home. In fact, taking the weekend to implement a relaxed and effective skincare ritual can add a ton of benefits to your me-time and long-term complexion health. After all, targeted face skincare is just as important as weekly body skincare – and we’re here to share some great tips on how you can start an easy and effective weekend skincare routine.


Start with an oil cleanse for 15 minutes

We’ve all heard about the benefits of oiling for the hair, but what about the skin? Contrary to popular belief, even if you have oily skin, this skincare practice can help with several concerns.

Choose a calming, nutrient-rich oil infused with ingredients like Vitamin C and E will provide brightening and hydration. Then, gently massage the oil across your face and décolletage area. On a normal day, you can use this practice to remove your makeup too, as oil cleansing can help to reduce breakouts and improve skin tone.

On the other hand, on a weekend, oil cleansing can be a fabulous way to begin your skincare ritual. Massage the face using your choice of oil and enjoy the soothing movements. If you have dry skin, this practice will help to lock in moisture and keep your skin feeling hydrated.
Once you are finished, remove the oil with a water-based cleanser to prepare your face for a deep exfoliation.

Exfoliate with a scrub or peel solution for 10 minutes

Body scrubs are a vital part of self-care, so why should you not apply the same process to your face? Albeit, with a gentler product if you’re new to facial exfoliation.

Regular facial exfoliation can help your skin to stay healthy. It can reduce acne, dark spots, and other skin concerns, leading to a more glowing appearance. Experts suggest that chemical exfoliants in general are preferred due to being gentler and causing less irritation on sensitive skin.

When it comes to choosing your exfoliator, products boasting AHAs are a good choice for targeting discolouration and skin tone and texture, whilst products with BHAs are rich in pore-unclogging properties, which will be ideal for acne-prone and oily skin.
After oil cleansing, dry your face and apply your chosen face scrub/exfoliator or peel on clean skin for up to 10 minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water for the best results.


Soothe your skin with a moisturising face mask

After proper exfoliation, your skin will naturally feel softer – and you wouldn’t be mistaken for thinking that the skincare ritual could stop here. However, exfoliation can also strip away essential hydration, and it’s important to restore some moisture back into the skin. Plus, there’s nothing that says “weekend self-care” quite like a face mask.

Ingredients such as manuka honey, aloe vera, vitamin E, and cucumber all carry remedial properties that are not only therapeutic for your skin, but also help with ageing skin concerns such as fine lines, dark spots, and wrinkles.

Whether you choose a sheet mask, a home-made concoction, or a leave-on product, follow the guidance on the packaging. Rinse off as instructed and enjoy a smooth, supple, and more hydrated complexion.

Finish with a face mist

There’s nothing like locking in all the goodness of a weekend skincare routine with the final element. In this case, spritz your chosen face mist or apply a moisturiser to round up your ritual.

Face mists can be incredibly nourishing and add to the zen-like feeling of a weekend skincare regimen. Look out for ingredients such as jasmine, rose water, hyaluronic acid, and green tea extract for a light and refreshing end to your weekend skincare.


No matter your skin concern, Luna MicroCare has an array of easy-to-use and incredibly effective products that can enhance your skincare to a whole new level.

From helping to prevent acne and breakouts to anti-ageing solutions and helping tackle hyperpigmentation, our ground-breaking skincare brings a science-backed philosophy straight to your skincare routine.

Inspired by two decades of revolutionary research by world-leading specialists, Luna MicroCare is backed by the industry's most renowned talents in applied science. Here are two products to elevate your weekend skincare:


Designed to perfect and protect delicate under-eye skin

A non-invasive anti-ageing treatment that visibly rejuvenates the appearance of your under-eye skin, with easily applied patches that perform truly remarkable results from their very first application.

Supported by 13 patents, each of the corrective patches contains hundreds of painless micro-cones consisting of powerful anti-ageing ingredients, directly working on the epidermis, where they dissolve to reveal a more youthful complexion.

Powerful anti-ageing ingredients such as the collagen-stimulating and skin-energising Adenosine, the dark circle-fading Seaweed Extracts, and the moisture-retaining hyaluronic acid all work their magic on your targeted area within two hours of the first application.



An innovative solution for post-acne scars and marks. The blemish-clarifying formula targets imperfections via self-dissolving micro-cones, reducing the visibility of acne marks and spots in a few applications.

Each patch kit also contains 16 cleanser swabs soaked in exfoliating, and de-stressing ingredients to prime the blemish-prone area prior to application.

Some key ingredients include the skin-brightening Tranexamic Acid, the antioxidant-rich Resveratrol, the redness-reducing Vitamin B (niacinamide), and the powerful Salicylic Acid, to name but a few. A highly potent product that will target your areas of concern within just two hours.

If you’re looking to visibly improve uneven skin tone, diminish acne scarring, and strengthen the skin for a more radiant complexion, add Lumiere to your weekend skincare routine.

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