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Spring Skincare: 5 Tips for Taking Care of Your Skin in Spring

Spring Skincare:  5 Tips for  Taking Care of  Your Skin in Spring - LUNA MICROCARE®

 Winter is on its way out, and many of us will be looking to our wardrobes to make a change, but what about your skin? As we wave hello to spring, now is a good time to evaluate your skincare and make some informed choices to ensure you’ve got the right products to welcome the new season.

Whether you struggle with breakouts or an oily t-zone, the change in weather conditions can also add to the environmental effects on your skin. Here are 5 tips for taking care of your skin in spring…



Just as harsh winter climates can dry out the skin, the warm spring breeze brings with it a new set of rules for the skin. Warmer temperatures may only require lighter products because the skin will produce a higher amount of natural lipids, which help to lock in moisture and keep the skin hydrated for longer.

Lightweight products such as switching up your moisturiser, serums, and even your make-up primer could really benefit the skin in spring. Lighter products will naturally feel calmer and more comfortable on your skin than heavy products that clog up your pores.

The goal is to ensure that your skin is properly looked after without feeling congested, which richer products will do. Lighter consistencies, such as liquid-based products over creamy textures, will absorb into the skin faster and will still provide the essential nutrients and protection your skin needs.


If you want to leave all remnants of winter behind, a deep exfoliation at the beginning of spring will do wonders – not only for your skin – but for your overall self-care ritual. Winter can leave the skin feeling dry, so mark the coming of spring with an energetic exfoliation to remove dead skin and bring forward a fresh layer with a more radiant complexion.

Professional treatments such as a skin peel or deep-cleaning facial can also be very effective. And as spring continues, you should continue to exfoliate regularly as part of your weekly skincare routine with gentle ingredients that infiltrate the skin’s surface with all the right nutrients whilst keeping it protected from the sun, and environmental damage.


Use our LUMINOUS: MICRO-TARGETING PIGMENT CORRECTOR for hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone as part of your spring skincare regime. An advanced solution for hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone, the self-dissolving micro-cones deliver the exclusive complex of brightening ingredients directly into the skin via micro-channels.

Luminous is packed with skin-loving ingredients that are perfect for spring. This includes the game-changing Butlyresorcinol, which brightens the skin, and Vitamin B (Niacinamide) that boosts luminosity and protects against UV radiation, blue light and radiation. A powerful and effective combination for spring.


Wouldn’t it be great if winter would take away breakouts along with the cold? Alas, a seasonal doesn’t work such miracles – in fact, breakouts can be triggered going from winter to spring and become more frequent.

Remember the natural lipids that help to lock in moisture? They can also cause the skin to perspire more and make your complexion oily. So, as the weather warms up, breakouts may persist. A few ways to combat breakouts include using a natural SPF and avoiding any products with harsh chemicals which can block your pores and trap oil.

Keep breakouts at bay by continuing a consistent skincare routine which includes cleansing, removing makeup properly, using a suitable moisturiser and regularly exfoliating. Adding a face mask and other non-toxic products to your skincare routine could also benefit your skin.


Try Luna Microcar’s FLAWLESS: SPOT-CLARIFYING MICRO-CHANNEL PATCH KIT. It’s an innovative solution for acne-prone skin with an active complex of scientifically proven ingredients delivered via self-dissolving micro-cones. It works from the inside-out to fight spots leaving the skin clear, smooth, and hydrated.

Each patch kit also contains 16 cleanser swabs soaked in exfoliating and de-stressing ingredients – such as Bakutrol, Salicylic Acid, and Vitamins A, C, and E – to prime the acne-prone area prior to application. This powerful combination of ingredients helps to reduce redness, retain moisture, improve the skin’s barrier, and boost clarity.


In the same way you’re encouraged to change your skincare products and go lighter, spring is also a good time to revamp your make-up too. Choosing water-based foundations and/or mineral powders can go hand-in-hand with a lightweight skincare routine, whilst many make-up products also include SPF now too. This may be a good time to check your make-up for expiry dates and throw away any items that have elapsed because bacteria love to hide in expired make-up and initiate breakouts.

Another good tip – which goes without saying – the start of a new season is a great time to wash all your make-up brushes and start fresh!



Contrary to popular belief, when the days start to get warmer and humidity rises, your skin stays more hydrated. The reason is that the skin’s natural hydration (hyaluronic acid) is locked in for longer in higher humidity. Regardless of this, it’s important that you continue to keep your skin and your body hydrated. When using serums and moisturisers, opt for ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, which is known for being able to hold a thousand times its weight in water—excellent news for your skin which will stay beautifully hydrated and plumped throughout spring.

It’s important to mention that you should also prioritise staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water and enriching your diet with hydrating foods such as fruit and vegetables.

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