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4 Skincare Trends for 2023

4 Skincare Trends for 2023 - LUNA MICROCARE®

If there is one area of beauty that grew immensely in 2022, it is skincare. In fact, a new forecast by Technavio predicts that the global cosmetic skincare market is projected to grow by USD 79.37 billion from 2022 to 2027. With more and more brands introducing skincare products at lightning speed, it’s hard to keep track of all the current trends. However, 2023 is only looking onwards and upwards for skincare. This includes products used to nourish, moisturise, protect, and give your skin all the nutrients it needs to maintain a smooth, healthy, and blemish-free complexion.

The aging of the population and improvements in the technology used to make face skincare products are key factors influencing the growth of the facial skincare products market. That is just one of many factors to influence our skincare choices. Here, we round up four skincare trends that are leading the way in 2023.



Time constraints, the cost-of-living crisis, and many other factors don’t make the 10-step skincare routine the right choice for many people. And is it even necessary? The answer is – not always. This year, an uptake towards nailing the fundamentals of skincare will be at the forefront.

For this to happen, the idea of “skin cycling” will take place. This is when you plan how and when to use your products. For example, knowing that you will cleanse, tone, and moisturise once a day after wearing makeup all day or that your skin will get a makeup-free break a few days a week when you’ll only need a good SPF moisturiser. These are the fundamentals, and 2023 is all about relevant skincare that works for your lifestyle.


An increasing number of sustainable “clean” skincare brands have launched over the past decade, and 2023 will only open doors to new ones. However, the difference this year will come in the form of transparency by brands claiming that their skincare is “clean”. With dermatologist and skin expert-backed reviews, and more reliable information required about ingredients and how products are made and tested, the wearer will be more inspired and empowered to make choices that align with their skincare goals.




Our products include meticulously-tested formulas and ingredients proven to be good for your skin.

If dark spots and uneven skin tone are your biggest skincare concern, this is the product for you. As a result of maturing skin changes on the face, because of age, sun damage, post-blemish scars and even hormonal changes, dark spots and uneven skin tone may appear. LUNA MICROCARE® ENLIGHTEN helps boost radiance and an even skin tone. This clinically proven system effectively reduces dark spots and averts their re-appearance with ingredients like Algae extract, Tranexamic Acid, Niacinamide and other potent elements.


Not necessarily a new trend, but one that is set to be more refined in 2023. Over the last five years people have become more familiar with active ingredients. Specifically, within the last few years the beauty industry has advocated for every ingredient on the market, leading to people trying numerous products and further damaging their skin barrier. Now, with a variety of highly concentrated products available, 2023 will be the year of repair and replenishment with more soothing and healing ingredients.




An innovative solution for acne-prone skin, an active complex of scientifically proven ingredients, including salicylic acid, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and others, is delivered via self-dissolving micro-cones. It works from the inside out to fight spots leaving the skin clear, smooth, and hydrated. Each patch kit also contains 16 cleanser swabs soaked in exfoliating and de-stressing ingredients to prime the acne-prone area prior to application.



More than just cleansing, toning and moisturising, there is a better understanding of following a more holistic approach to skincare that will provide your skin with all the right vitamins and nutrients for the ultimate nourishment. This includes the importance of skincare from within, which will lead to a more wholesome approach to diet and lifestyle. For example, the importance of drinking water, eating antioxidant-rich foods, and taking collagen tablets will be further highlighted in 2023 to match skincare targets.

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