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Re-Energise Your Skin's ⚡

Re-Energise Your Skin's ⚡ - LUNA MICROCARE®
Does your skin look tired all the time? With the current climate we are living through, and every day stresses, your skin has a lot to deal with when it comes to keeping up appearances. Dull skin can be remedied, and a good place to start would be what is known in traditional Chinese culture and medicine as Qi (pronounced 'chee'). Qi translates to ‘air’ and figuratively as ‘life force’ or ‘energy flow’ – it’s believed that to be balanced in life and free from physical or mental health issues, a person must have balanced Qi. Just like your mind and body, your skin also needs the same balanced Qi energy, especially as restoring your skin’s Qi could be the answer to achieving a brighter, healthier complexion. Here are some reasons why your skin’s Qi is low and what you can do to change it…

Consider sleep as the elixir of life. If you don’t get the recommended 7 to 9 hours per night, your Qi will be harder to regulate. Similarly, if you spend too much time in front of your screens and less time getting fresh air, this will restrict your oxygen-starved facial skin cells. Combat long periods of sitting, and signs of sun damage and pollution by providing your cellular activity with the energy it requires to feed your skin cells; breathe deeply, sleep well, exercise regularly, and maintain healthy eating habits.

There are Qi-boosting plant-based ingredients that can help to revitalise your skin. What you choose to add to your skincare routine has a direct impact on your Qi. Incorporate powerful supertonic extracts of ginger and ginseng, and massage into the face to help stimulate blood flow. Then there is Crocus bulb extract, Circasynch and algae extracts which help fight energy lost to overexposure to blue light. You can also use our radiance-restoring LUNA MICROCARE® LUMINOUS which contains exclusive complex of algae extracts to revive your complexion. LUNA MICROCARE® LUMINOUS corrects hyper pigmentation and boosts luminosity; revealing beautifully radiant, hydrated and even-toned skin.


If puffiness or lacklustre skin is your concern, remember that achieving Qi is a top-to-toe process. Try gentle exercise such as slow yoga and light motion, or if you want the true experience of reaching optimum Qi, try the two forms of martial arts used to balance Qi; tai chi and qi gong. Not only can these exercises help to relax and balance you mentally, they promote deep breathing and pain relief too. 

Finding the right balance of scientifically-proven and holistically-boosted skincare allows your Qi to work synergistically to tackle tired, dull, and damaged skin. Our LUNA MICROCARE® ETERNAL is packed with natural origin ingredients and bioactive peptides which help to minimise the appearance of age-related skin damage caused by the reduction of cell communication. LUNA MICROCARE® ETERNAL’s actives mimic the body’s own mechanism, simultaneously boosting collagen production and protecting against collagen degradation. It is specifically designed to perfect and protect delicate under-eye skin which is vulnerable to damage and the signs of ageing.

We can’t talk about Qi and good skin without highlighting the importance of a healthy, nutritious diet. Every part of your body’s Qi is fuelled by food, so nourishment is vital to healing and maintaining a healthy digestive system. Qi therapists advise to avoid cold foods, raw foods, fried foods, dairy products, and junk food. Cooking your food through steaming, grilling and roasting is best, as is consuming “warming” foods like ginger, whole grains, mushrooms, hot broths and so on.

At Imperial Bioscience, helping you to achieve a state of Qi for your skin is an inspiring part of why we created the Luna Microcare® Series.

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