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How To: Effectively Layer Skincare Products 😎

How To: Effectively Layer Skincare Products 😎 - LUNA MICROCARE®

When it comes to truly embracing skincare, knowing how to layer products in the most effective way is a priority. When you start to utilise layering techniques, you’ll notice improvements in your skin. More than just a beauty influencer fad, layering skincare products correctly is something that you can master from the comfort of your home.

If you’re in the majority who don’t know what order to apply products in, or you’ve been mixing serum application followed by oils, the uncertainty ends here. Applying products in the right order allows them to work properly and perform the job they are supposed to do. Let’s look at the conclusive order in which to apply skincare in the mornings and at night – and why these steps will change your skin for good.

Morning routine:

Your morning routine should be kept simple. It is the time to refresh and brighten your skin – to give it a boost with the right products for you.


1. Cleanser

The role of a cleanser is to wash away dirt, germs, makeup, sunscreen, and daily grime. Depending on your skin type, choose a cleanser that is well-suited for your skin needs. For example, oily skin requires a stronger cleanser whereas dry skin will require something gentler..


 2. Antioxidant Serum

We’ve talked a lot about antioxidants and their ample benefits. In this instance, a serum acts as a power product. It is absorbed deep into the skin to perform its protective role for your skin to appear and feel healthy.

3. Moisturiser

Now, it’s time to moisturise and lock in all the wonderful benefits of the serum. Moisturiser also helps to strengthen the skin barrier with peptides, ceramides, and essential fatty acids.

4. SPF

Last, but not least, because it is in fact one of the best things you can do for your skin – it’s time for sunscreen. SPF come last because it adds a shield layer to stop harmful UV rays from causing damage to the skin.

Quick tip: One of the easiest ways to figure out what goes on when is to apply the runniest products first, followed by those that are thicker in texture.

Night-time routine:

Your night-time routine should be more about cleaning the skin thoroughly and prepping it for a good rest.

1. Cleanser

At night, your mission is to decongest the skin and let it breathe. It is highly recommended that you double cleanse. First with an oil-based cleanser to wipe away all SPF and makeup residue, followed by an active cleanser for a a quick exfoliation. Try cleansers with alpha hydroxy acid to really reach the depths of those pores and clean any unwanted debris from the day.

2. Apply LUNA MICROCARE® Flawless Patches

That’s correct, once your skin is clean, it’s prepped for all the goodness you apply. Use our LUNA MICROCARE® Flawless patches, acne-prone skin. Each patch includes retinyl retinoate which has been scientifically proven for its active role in acne treatment. There’s also Bakutrol and Lupeol – two very strong anti-inflammatories, with the latter also possessing antioxidant benefits that target most of the major pathogenic features of acne to keep it at bay.

3. Vitamin A

Serum Vitamin A, a.k.a retinol should be cautiously used. However, applied once a week as part of your night-time routine, it can make a great youthful difference to your skin

4. Moisturiser

If you suffer from dry skin, applying a moisturiser over your serum is a good idea. This way, you are sealing in all the fabulous benefits of the serum and letting it get to work.


 9 tips to help you with layering skincare correctly:

  • Wait a few minutes after applying serums to allow for optimal absorption, before applying any moisturiser or sunscreen on top.
  • Use vitamin-rich products. Apply Vitamin A to help eliminate and reduce signs of ageing, improve appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and repair skin texture. Use Vitamin C products in the morning for a brightening boost.
  • You can cut toner from your skincare layering as your other products will have higher potency and therefore will perform more effectively with one another.
  • Don’t overdo it. If you use products with a high concentration of active ingredients (such as medical-grade skincare), use small amounts and don’t overpower them with excess moisturiser or oils.
  • Eye creams that are formulated with active ingredients will have a higher concentration so should always be applied first.
  • In terms of amounts, try to apply as follows: raisin-sized amount of cleanser, a pea-sized amount of serum, a generous almond-sized squeeze of moisturiser, and a teaspoon’s worth of SPF.
  • Use your fingers to apply skincare – they offer ideal pressure, and your products have a better chance of being absorbed properly. You should wash your hands before applying skincare!
  • Choose serums wisely as they have the most active ingredients. Serums can help to tackle everything from inflammation to hyperpigmentation, breakouts and more.
  • You will know when products are not working well together if you don’t notice a visible change in your skin.

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